American Buff Geese - goslings available in the spring! Email to reserve.

Painting of Alexander & Buttercup by artist Leslie Peck
Alexander & Buttercup painting by Leslie Peck

Quote from the American Livestock Breed Conservancy: The American Buff goose was developed in North America and is descended from the wild Greylag goose, which is found in Europe and Northern Asia. The history of this colorful goose is obscure. It may have developed from buff mutations in flocks of gray geese, or it may have been refined from buff colored stock imported from Europe (Holderread, 1991). It was admitted to the American Poultry Association's Standard of Perfection in 1947.

The American Buff is a lovely apricot-fawn color. The buff colored feathers on its back and sides are edged with creamy white. Its abdomen is nearly white. Its bill and feet are orange to reddish orange, and the hard "nail" at the tip of the bill is a pale pink. Its legs may fade to pink during laying, or when green grass is not available.

The American Buff has brown eyes.


We currently have Alexander and Buttercup - our one breeding pair - these are rare geese and goslings are sold on a first come basis. Email to reserve a gosling for spring 2013.